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Friday, July 16, 2010

Who Are You Leaning On?

When I took the dogs for our morning hike today, I decided to take one of my trekking poles on the journey - not for support, mind you, but as a spiderweb catcher. I've discovered that if I wave it in front of me like a sword, I can catch most of the webs with it instead of with my face. To be honest, I felt a bit like Luke Skywalker swinging his lightsaber. Die, evil webs, die!

When I reached the creek crossing, I decided it would be best to use the pole as it was intended. I was amazed at the speed and ease in which I was able to make the crossing. (I've slipped off the rocks and into that particular creek more times than I can count.) Today, however, my feet stayed dry as I was able to avoid falling due to the support of one skinny, little trekking pole.

I think of the many times in life I try to make my own way. "No, no, God. It's okay. I've got this one." And what happens? Splash! Into the creek I go. "That's not the right path, Lord. I know what I'm doing." The result? Wet socks and wrinkled feet.

Why, oh, why do I constantly feel the need to create my own path or walk in my own strength? I know I can't do it. I know it will lead to a fall. I know I'll be walking around in sloshing shoes for the rest of the day. So why do I continue to do it? I feel like Paul when he said, "For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do."

My prayer today is that I would walk with the Lord at all times. He alone can be my strength, my sword, my shield, and my support. By staying close to Him, not only will I stay dry and safe, but I will also remain on the right path.

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