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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Virtual Book Tour for Halo-Orangees: Employer-Employee

Book Synopsis

Is your work environment infected with the dysfunctional "I" and ME" Team Virus? "I" and "Me" are the driving forces behind dysfunctional organizational employer-employee relationships. This book embodies the message that all human beings have a purpose and can rise above any situation or circumstance as long as they remain ethically true to themselves. As you journey through this book, you will experience a multiplicity of real life work encounters such as, "A manager espoused her opinion that lower-paid employees should serve higher-paid employees". In this encounter, the manager also stated, "higher-salaried staff members are not paid to clean coffee pots" (Excerpt~ B.L. Brown). Halo-Orangees book is a movement with encouraging straightforwardness; Author B.L. Brown confronts real-life workplace issues occurring in organizations world-wide (negativity, drama, power struggles, backstabbing, and endless gossip). The Introduction is entitled, "Don't Allow Anyone to Confine You to a Box, Disabling Your Growth".
Halo-Orangees is a nonexclusive on the job survival manual, mindset enhancer, and stress reliever for both employers and employees. This book will change your life both personally and professionally.

Excerpt Quotes 

Your life purpose is to take the totality of your negative experiences, roll them up into one, and use them positively to lay the foundation for your destiny” (Excerpt~ B.L. Brown).

Don’t ever allow anyone to break your spirit of peace, control your mood, or suppress your workforce existence, making your tenure in the organization a horrible experience” (Excerpt~ B.L. Brown).

Don’t ever allow anyone to attack your self-esteem, kill your passion, or tell you that someone else is more worthy than you” (Excerpt ~B.L. Brown).

You are the only one who defines you, so don’t ever allow anyone to tell you who you are, or that you are not good enough” (Excerpt ~B.L. Brown).

Author Bio

B.L. Brown is the CEO and Founder of Halo-Orangees', international online job board ( Halo-Orangees’ international job board delivers candidates on time and under budget. Employers can post jobs and search resume database. Jobseekers can post resumes and search jobs for free. The genesis of Halo-Orangees Brand: Helping Advocate Longevity of Organizations by Obtaining Objectives through Redefining Above-Board New Generational Guidelines for Employer Employee Standards was inspired, developed, and birthed from her reaction to an unethical manager with whom she had the pleasure of working for and whose style of supervision made her stronger. In a one-on-one meeting with this executive director, he made the statement that another employee, who held the same title as B.L. Brown, was better than she was. In response, B.L. Brown informed him that this employee was not better than her nor was she better than the employee. From that one statement, she instantly realized her true purpose in life. "Best negative words spoken into my life thus far" (Excerpt~ B.L. Brown).

Reckoning her experience with a newfound belief, the foundation of Halo-Orangees emerged.  In 2012 Author B.L. Brown launched Halo-Orangees/h-connect brand, international online dating website The brand is empowering, motivating singles to find their best friend in love.

For more information, please visit the author’s corporate website:

Progress can also be followed via social media:

Disclaimer:  My participation in this book tour does not mean that I have read and/or agree with the work being promoted.  Typically, unless I'm doing a book review, I do not have the opportunity to read the books before promoting them. The purpose of virtual tours is to help fellow authors promote their works, and while I am very particular about who and what I promote, I cannot guarantee that the beliefs and views stated in any specific book are my own. 

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Honest Variety Books said...

Despite the non-fiction, self-help nature of the book, is this an interesting and easy read for the average reader? For example, I really enjoyed The Birth of a Salesman; however, The Mentor Leader was too hard to get interested in to read all the way through? I'm very interested in books aimed at helping employees succeed as long as the book is an easy read and doesn't feel like homework.

Dana Rongione said...

Honest Variety, I'm afraid I can't answer your question as I haven't read the book. I seldom have the opportunity to read each book for which I host a virtual tour. Hopefully, someone who has read the book will chime in and be able to clear things up for you.

Rebecca Graf said...

Have you found the reception of non-fiction harder?

Dana Rongione said...

Rebecca, I'm not sure if you're asking me or the guest author, but as a non-fiction writer, I can tell you that yes, it is harder. Christian non-fiction works are especially difficult to market and sell. It's strange and sad all at the same time. People will dish out money to be entertained by a work of fiction, but often those same people won't invest in a work of non-fiction that will teach them a new skill or help them improve their lives. I guess many see non-fiction as "work" as an earlier poster said. It's a shame because there are so many great non-fiction works out there. All I can do is continue to follow the Lord's leading and write. The results are up to Him.