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Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm Late, I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

One of my favorite Southern Gospel groups is going to be at a church in Greenville tonight.  That, in itself, is legendary.  Not many groups get to this area.  But add to that the fact that Jason doesn't have to work and we have no other obligations, it's downright astounding.  We knew the event was coming.  We've had it on the calendar for months.  We've talked about it and made plans.  The only thing left to do was to get information on ticket prices.

Last week, I attempted to do that very thing.  I pulled up the church's website to find out the information we required.  But something was wrong with the website, and each time I clicked on a tab, I was taken to an error page.  "Oh well," I proclaimed after several attempts.  "I guess I'll just call them tomorrow."

As usual, tomorrow came and went, and in the busyness of my schedule, I forgot to call until earlier this week.  I looked up the number, placed the call and spoke to a very kind lady who informed me that the tickets were free.  I was ecstatic. . . temporarily.  On the heels of her exciting announcement, she informed me that, because of safety codes, the Fire Marshal had set a limit on how many tickets they could give away.  Unfortunately, they reached that limit over a week ago.

"Is there any way to get it?" I pleaded.

"I'm sorry," she replied.  "Not without a ticket."

I was nearly in tears as I hung up the phone.  How was I going to tell Jason?  He was really looking forward to this concert.  After the past few weeks we've had, we NEEDED this concert.  I was disappointed beyond belief.  Everything had been set.  Everything had seemed to be falling into place.  Yet, because we waited too long to contact the church, we'll be spending our evening in an entirely different way.  One week too late!  Just one measly week!

As I mourned and moped about our "bad luck" this morning, an important thought struck me.  A lot of people are going to miss out on an event much more important than tonight's concert, and they're going to miss it for the same reason--they're going to wait too long to make the call.

We know we're living in the last days.  The signs are all around us.  It won't be long before Jesus comes back to take His children home.  But how many will be left behind?  How many will remain because they put off salvation until it's too late?  One hour too late?  One day too late?  One week too late?  It doesn't matter.  Too late is too late!

Unlike the church that is hosting the concert tonight, Heaven has no spacing limits.  There are no safety protocols or Fire Marshal mandates.  There is, however, a timeline.  God's timeline.  And no man can change it.  Not only that, but no man is privy to it.  It is a mystery to all but God.  But when He says it's time, there will be no delay.  Jesus will come, and we'll rise up to meet Him in the air.  By "we", I mean those of us who have made the decision to accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and make Him Lord of our lives.

If you haven't made that decision, if you're still living your life by your rules and according to your standards, I beg of you to stop putting off the decision that will determine your eternity.  Don't wait another minute to make Jesus your Lord.  He has paid the price for your sin.  All you have to do is accept that payment and surrender your life to His will.  Don't wait.  I assure you, you don't want to hear the words, "Too late."

There's room for you.  There's a ticket waiting, but you can't get in without it.  Won't you make your reservation today?

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