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Friday, September 24, 2010

More Unwanted Guests

Wednesday night, after the church service, a couple of girls and I were gathered around the piano practicing a song we intend to sing Sunday morning. It went something like this: "Stand still, and let God move, standing still is AAAUUUUGGGHHHH!" One by one we noticed a furry little creature who had scampered up the aisle and was staring at us from his perch beside the front pew. I don't do mice! From the girls' reaction, I don't think they do either. Let's just say, none of us were standing still (but the men were getting a good laugh).

As I think back on the situation, I have to chuckle (although I'm seriously considering resigning as the church's pianist because, if you recall, that's where they found the last mouse). Still, the event was comical. However, as I look back at some of the other unwanted guests from the week, I feel compelled to hang my head in shame.

On Sunday morning, I began a series of lessons in the ladies' Sunday School class. The series is entitled, "It's Not About Me." By Monday morning, unwanted guests were swarming in my life. Guests like selfishness, pride, and inconsiderate behavior. As requests were made of my time or talents, I found myself griping and complaining and in essence thinking, "But what about me? What about my jobs? What about the things I need to do? What about my feelings? What about me?" Evidently I learned a lot from my lesson on Sunday, huh?

Actually, I did, and that's where the unwanted guests come in. You see, this happens every time I teach a lesson or write a devotion. Satan's not stupid. He knows where I'm weak, and therefore, he knows where to tempt me, and it's usually with the object of the lesson I'm currently engrossed in. In this case, stepping away from myself and my own problems and focusing on the Lord.

This has not been a good week for me. I'm disappointed in myself for my failures. However, I will not give Satan the victory, and this is my first step in saying, "Lord, I love you! Forgive me when I fail you, and please give me the strength to overcome. You are worthy. You are holy. You are my all in all. Thank you for your patience with me!"

What about you? Are you entertaining unwanted guests this week? Is worry sapping you of strength? Is discouragement weighing you down? Is bitterness stealing your joy? If so, then join me in saying, "It's not about me! It's all about Him." Then take your burden, whatever it may be, and lay it at His feet. It's not yours to carry.

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