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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Guiding Hand

On Saturday, Jason and I took the dogs out to the lake for a little exercise and some fresh air. As we approached the creek crossing on the trail, I realized I had made a mistake in my choice of footwear. While the hiking shoes I was wearing have excellent traction, they are not waterproof. As long as I stayed on the stepping stones, I would be fine, but one slip or misstep, and I would have very wet feet.

Thankfully, Jason was wearing his waterproof hiking boots. This allowed him to actually walk through the water as he held my hand and guided me across the stones. I made it across completely dry which is more than I can say when I attempted the same crossing a few days earlier. As my foot hit one of the last rocks, the rock flipped over, leaving me with a cold, wet foot. I mentioned this to Jason as we continued our hike. His response was profound, "It helps to have someone who can walk through the water and hold your hand." It certainly does!

How many times has Jesus said, "I will never leave thee?" Too many for me to count! Jason's statement on Saturday was a blessed reminder to me that not only is God always with me, but He's walking through the water and holding my hand as I cross the rivers and storms of life. He is there to steady me, to offer me support. He is there to guide and protect. If my hand is firmly placed in His, He will not let me slip or fall. He loves me and only wants what's best for me. Will I still have to cross the rivers? Sure, but I won't have to cross them alone!

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