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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seeing Christ Through Me

I saw a church sign yesterday that read, “Watch your step very carefully. . . everyone else does.” It seems that God has been sending me a lot of reminders lately that people are watching me. I'm not sure why He's been sending this message, but I've learned not to ignore patterns that appear in my life. Instead, I choose to examine them and find out what God is trying to teach me.

It could be that I just need the reminder, or it could be that I'm about to face something that will test my faith. I don't know, but I want to be ready. I've determined today to be more careful in guarding my steps. If others are watching me, I want to be sure they see Christ.

How about you? What do others see when they look at you? Just some food for thought today.

The Reflection
Dana Rongione

Let my life be a mirror,
A shiny piece of glass,
An article in which people look
Each time they venture passed.
As I strive to be Your servant,
Please, Lord, stand in front of me,
So as they gaze upon my life,
It is Your reflection they see.

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