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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weed, Be Gone!

Did you know there are 205 varieties of weeds in America? I'm pretty sure there are at least 150 different kinds in my yard alone. We don't even have grass anymore. It's all weeds! Some are tall and skinny while others are short and bushy. Some have flower-like blooms that add color to the otherwise green landscape. But all of them are a hindrance. They prevent the growth of the grass.

There are many weeds in our lives as well, but I want to take just a minute to talk about three of the most popular.

1. Worry (Mt. 6:25-34) - When we allow the weed of worry to come into our lives, it literally strangles our faith. We become unproductive in our Christian walk as our focus is on the cares of this world instead of our daily walk with the Lord.

2. Riches (Mt. 6:19-21) - I would like to think that I don't have to worry about this one because I'm not rich. The truth is, though, that often the pursuit of riches is the problem. I don't expect to become a millionaire, but I wouldn't mind having enough money to pay all my bills. Would you? That desire, in and of itself, is not the problem. The problem occurs when I try to "work things out" for myself. Instead of doing the work God has called me to do, I find myself chasing after the next money-making plan. The result is a confused, side-tracked Christian with nothing but frustration to show for my efforts.

3. Pleasures - I love to read! Give me a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, and I am as content as can be. I can read for hours at a time, getting lost in plots, characters, and settings. Unfortunately, I can get so caught up in a book that I neglect all else. My housework goes undone. My writing is ignored. Even my Bible often goes untouched when I'm enthralled in a novel. There's nothing wrong with enjoying things in this life as long as we don't forsake all else.

Weeds -- they're annoying and potentially dangerous. They grow like crazy. They choke out all the good stuff. And probably the most dangerous part of all is that they give the appearance of life. We must watch out for things that will hinder our spiritual walk. Let's learn to recognize the weeds and deal with them accordingly. After all, we don't want them taking root in our lives.

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