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Monday, March 11, 2013

Majoring in the Minor

I love minor keys. I love to hear them. I love to play them. There's just something about them that is beautiful to my ears, and yet there is also a sadness in their melody. For all their beauty, they are solemn and almost mournful. Strangely enough, the feelings evoked in me are not those of sadness but those of peace and serenity. Pieces played in the minor tend to set my mind at ease and help me to find rest for my weary soul.

I have heard minor keys referred to as the tragedies of life and major keys as the triumphs of life. But I ask you this: how can one have triumph without first having tragedy? It is not possible for one to be victorious without first fighting a battle. For one to be an overcomer, he or she must face struggles. And while one can play in a major key without using the minor keys, is the melody as sweet?

I shudder to think of all the classics that would be lost if we were to throw out all music with minor keys. To do so would be simply insane. Yet why do we often insist that God remove the minor keys from our lives? Why do we plead with Him to remove the battles through which we gain our victories? Why do we ask Him to take away our struggles which in turn prevents us from being overcomers? Why do we implore Him to remove our tragedies thus also removing our triumphs? Why can't we simply leave the music alone?

Life is full of music, but it takes both major and minor keys for us to fully appreciate either one. Do not fear the mournful tones or the solemn silence between the notes. Instead, find peace and serenity in the flow of the music, knowing that the Master Musician is planning a grand finale that will take your breath away.

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