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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Childhood Dream

There is a dream I always dreamed
When I was but a girl;
A dream of true love, sweet and pure,
The truest love in all the world.

In my dream, I would see a man,
So humble yet so kind.
He was a man that was so in tune,
He seemed to read my mind.

He set me up on a pedestal,
So high I feared I might fall,
But no matter which wrong step I took,
He was with me through it all.

He gave to me all he had to give,
Even when I gave naught in return.
He showered me with gifts of love,
Even when some gifts I would spurn.

He was a man so wonderful
That only in my dreams could he exist,
For I knew that if ever I met such a man,
My heart wouldn't be able to resist.

I'm now living out my childhood dream
With the man I thought couldn't be real.
He is such a blessing to my life,
And what a strong love for him I feel!

Happy Birthday, Jason!

I Love You!

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